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Why am I being marked Absent?

District 87, and all schools, have to report accurate attendance data to the state, which looks different due to our current situation. Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust all of the students’ schedules to match the temporary hybrid/remote schedule without risking the loss of all of the students’ previously configured schedules, classes and teachers assignments.

The solution is to record “Not Meeting (NM)” for the classes that do not meet synchronously. Unfortunately, there isn’t another way for the schools to indicate attendance accurately without PowerSchool recording these "Not Meeting (NM)" classes as an absence. Rest assured this will not have any negative impact on the students and is simply a data reporting requirement.

Please disregard the alerts for "NM" absences as they are an unfortunate side effect of the hybrid schedule and the traditional schedule within PowerSchool. Parents, guardians and students should be aware that absences will be shown in PowerSchool on the days when classes were scheduled but did not meet. This does NOT impact a student's grades or discipline and is considered an excused absence. Only unexcused absences are reviewed and monitored by our administrators and Deans during this alternative schedule.