PowerSchool Help Site Introduction

Welcome to Glenbard's PowerSchool help guide for students and parents/guardians.

Here you will find answers to many common questions regarding the PowerSchool system. This web site is intended to guide Glenbard's students and parents/guardians on how to best make use of the information available within the PowerSchool student information system. Topics appear in menu to the left in the same order as the Parent/Guardian top navigation menu tool bar order from left to right.

Each student and parent/guardian is provided with a separate Access ID and Access Password that allow access.

This access information can be found in a letter mailed to parents in early July annually.

If you do not have this information you will need to visit your school during normal hours of operations to obtain it. You will need to bring a state issued photo ID. You may also confirm your residency at the same time.

What is PowerSchool

PowerSchool is an easy to use, web-based student information system. It is intended to serve students and parents as a performance monitoring and communication tool.

The system will show assignment and test grades they are entered into the system by teachers. Parents and students will also be able to access attendance, demographic, and other information quickly.

Making use of the information within PowerSchool will help parents help their children achieve their potential.


Students and parents/guardians may access the system by going to:


Additionally, links to the PowerSchool login can be found on each school's website.

For additional assistance view the Trouble Logging In video. Click here for the video and choose Trouble Logging In

Creating an Account

Use the following table to assist with entering information in the creation process as shown below.

Field Description
First Name Enter your first name.
Last Name Enter your last name
Email Enter your email address. The email address you enter is used to send you select information, as well as account recovery notices and account changes confirmations.
Desired User Name Enter the user name you would like to use when logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The user name must be unique. If you enter a user name that is already in use, you will be prompted to select or enter another user name
Password Enter the password you would like to use when logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The password must contain at least 6 characters, at least one number, one letter, and one special character. You should attempt to make your password's rating appear as "Better", "Strong" or "Strongest".
Create parent account area

For additional assistance view the Creating a PowerSchool Account video. Click here for the video and choose Creating a PowerSchool Account

You must have your student's Access ID and Access Password to add them to your account.

Your student's Access ID and Access Password can be found within a mailing sent to you in early July.

It can also be obtained by visiting your school in person during normal hours of operation. You will need to bring a state ID to verify your relationship to your student.

To protect your student’s information and the Glenbard High School District, it is our policy that no user names or passwords are given over the phone or through email.

For additional assistance view the Log In & Adding Students video. Click here for the video and choose Log in & Add Students

Use the following table to enter information in Link Students to Account section.

Field Description
Student Name Enter the first and last name of the student you want to add to you account. Note: Regardless of the name you enter, the system will populate the name based on the access ID and password for the student.
Access ID Enter the unique access ID for the student.
Access Password Enter the unique access password for the student.
Your Relationship to Student Select your relationship to the student from the drop down menu.

Fill in these four fields for each student you wish to access.

Add students area

Adding Students

  1. If you have another student attending glenbard, and you have already setup a PowerSchool account (example: an incoming freshman), you can add the new student to your account as long as you have the new students Access ID and Access Password. There are two ways to get to the page where you can add new students
    1. From the Registation Wizard
      1. Click on the Add new students through Account Preferences link in Step 1 of the Registration Wizard
      Add students link in Registration Wizard
    2. Use the Navigation Menu
      1. Click on Account Preferences from the left navigation menu
      2. Click the Students tab
      Account Preferences tab
  2. Now that you are on the Account Preferences > Students page,click the Add
  3. Enter your student's Name, Access ID, Access Password, and your Relationship to the student. The Access information is available in the letter sent home during the summer.
    Add student area
  4. Click OK. The new student is added.

There is also a video available detailing the instructions above. Click here for the video and choose Log in & Add Students

Grades & Attendances

This is the default page that you see upon entering your user name and password. To return to this page from any other menu selection, click on the PowerSchool logo or the Grades and Attendance icon at the top left of your screen.

This page displays an overview of the student's attendance information from the current and previous weeks and grade information. There is a legend at the bottom of the screen to explain the meaning of all of the attendance markings. The course names, teachers’ names, term grades and recorded attendance are also displayed on this screen. All text items that are blue are links to additional information or email links to teachers.

Grading Key: 5=Excellent 4=Above Average 3=Average 2=below average 1=Failure/No Credit P=Passing

Instructions - Athletic Registration & Payments

Note: Verify demographics for all your students before trying to register for athletics.

  1. In PowerSchool, click on Athletics from the menu on the or click on a students name in Step 2 of the Registration Wizard.
  2. Read and agree to the agreements that appear on screen
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your student(s) for athletics.
    1. Select a Season
    2. Select a Sport
    3. Click Submit
  4. You can continue to register additional students for sports, by clicking on their names in step 2 Registration Wizard.
  5. After your student(s) have been registered, click Student Fees from the menu on the left side of the page or click the Click here to pay student fees. link from Step 3 of the Registration Wizard.
  6. Click the Check Out button in the upper-right to make payment.
  7. Provide payment details and click the Submit Payment button.

Instructions - Removing an Erroneous Registration

If a parent accidently registered a student for a sport, the registration can be backed out.

Note: Once school has started, fees will not be refunded without the approval of the Athletic Office

  1. In PowerSchool, click on Athletics from the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the season of the sport that needs its registration removed. You will see that sport is highlighed in blue.
  3. Click on the sport name and it will be unhighlighted.
  4. Click the Submit button to remove the registration.

Grade History

This button displays the student’s grade history. It displays historical grade information from previous quarter & semesters during the year. Please be aware that grades changed after the end of a grading term WILL NOT appear updated in this screen.

Click on the blue grade percentage to display a detailed list of grades for the class for that term.

Attendance History

This page displays the overall attendance of the selected student for all classes.

Clicking on the blue number under the Attendance column will bring up the attendance details for the class selected.

If you believe that there are any attendance discrepancies please contact the teacher or school's attendance office directly.

Attendance Office Info

Glenbard East Glenbard North Glenbard South Glenbard West

Attendance Codes.

Email Notifications

Students and Parents/Guardians may elect to have reports sent via e-mail sent at regular intervals by PowerSchool.

You must complete the relevant sections in order to receive email updates.

You may choose to any or all of the notifications to receive.

These student/parent configured settings are never modified by Glenbard staff.

Explanation of Notification Types

Notification Description
Summary of current grades and attendance Sends out one email giving a summary of the grades in progress and attendance totals for all classes for that student.
Detailed reports showing all assignment scores for each class Sends out an email containing detailed assignment scores for each class for the current term.
Detailed report of attendance Sends out an email containing detailed attendance for each class for the current term. Please note that due to the way the classes are scheduled as double sessions (Example Period 1-2 or Period 3-4 that are a single class session) that the attendance reports will indicate an absence for each period missed. Simply divide the number displayed on this report by 2 for the actual number of missed classes.
School Announcement Glenbard does not have this function available to students or parents at this time. Please visit your school’s website and social media.
Balance Alert Glenbard does not have this function available to students or parents at this time.

You will need to select the frequency of the when the reports are sent from the drop down menu.

All selected reports will automatically got the the e-mail address that you created the account with. You may also send reports to additional e-mail addresses if desired.

When entering email address (or multiple addresses) be sure not to enter any spaces in the input line. If you do not receive the email reports please verify that you have properly entered your e-mail address.

If you would like for your student to also receive a copy of the automated reports you can add their school e-mail address to the list of addresses. Student e-mail address are always created in the following format; studentID#@glenbard.org

**Please note that certain SPAM filters and ISPs may filter these reports from going to your mailbox. There is nothing that Glenbard can do to prevent this from happening. Contact your service provider for options on receiving messages or how to configure your spam filter.

Teacher Comments

This page will allow you to view any comments entered by the student’s teachers.

The teachers' names are listed in blue. You may click on them to e-mail the teacher directly if you have any questions.

Please do not modify the automatic assigned subject line on the e-mail message as it will assist teachers and our mail system to better identify your communication.

Student Information

This page will display your student's basic information such as mailing address, phone and contact information as well as other data that is included in a variety of state reports.

This area is also used for registering students before the start of a new school year.

This screen appears differently for the student and parents as described below.

Student accounts

Student are limited and may only review the current on file information. If there are any discrepancies their parent/guardian may make submit an adjustment or the student may contact the guidance office for assistance.

Parent Accounts

Parents have the ability to submit updates to a number of data fields and complete the Demographic Verification (required annually as part of the registration process).

Once you have established an account using your student(s) Access ID and Access Password you will be able to update your students demographic data, general contact information, emergency contact information, and other preferences such inclusion/exclusion in publications, military, and student directories.

This information is required to be updated annually as part of the student verification process. When you login a notice may appear that prevents you from viewing any additional information until you have verified your on file information.

If you see the notice shown below, you must confirm your student's information

You need to verify or update your student's information now

This page shows the description of the data on the left column, the current "on file" information is in the center column, the right side column can be used if the on file information needs to be updated.

Submitted changes to the home address will require you to confirm your residency.

For additional assistance watch the Demograhics Verification video. Click here for the video and choose Demographics Verification

Grad Progess

This area will detail the completed courses for your student. It will also show how many credits they have earned or require

Be sure to read the disclaimer on this page carefully.

Class Registration

This area will allow you to view the courses that your student is registered for the following school year.

My Calendars

This page allows you to view assignments and information using Apple's iCal.

Additional details on making use of this feature are available on the My Calendars page.

Account Preferences

By clicking on the Account Preferences button you can update information related to your account such as Name, E-Mail Address, or User Name.

You can also add additional students from the Student's tab located in this area.

Absence & Tardies Links

Clicking on numbers within the Absences or Tardies column on the Attendance History or start pages will link you to a detailed list for a particular course.

Assignment Descriptions

Assignments that appear with a blue link will contain additional information entered by the teacher.

This is a sample of a description given to a test.

example description

Not all items will contain additional details this information.

Class Score Details

You will be able to view a list of all completed assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, or any other points earned that are factored into the grading period.

Corresponding with Teachers

If you are using an email client application (i.e. Outlook, Entourage, etc) clicking on one of the teacher names under the Course title will allow you to send an email directly to the teacher. Please do not modify the subject line that is automatically entered onto the mail message. The subject line will help ensure that the message is identified as a parent contact to our staff within our email system.

If you are using a web-based email such as Yahoo or Hotmail, note the email address when you move your mouse over the name and send email through your web email. Depending on which web browser you are using it may appear in the lower left corner of the window when you hover your mouse over the teacher's name. If you use the subject line "Glenbard Parent Contact," the message will be identified more easily by our staff members.

Additional Information About Corresponding with Teachers

When a concern arises about attendance or a grade that appears in PowerSchool we ask that you follow these steps:

  1. Talk with your child first. Ask them about their grade(s) or attendance before contacting the school.
  2. Review the course grading setup of the teacher. This may answer the question.
  3. Check to see if there is an assignment description. In the Class Score Detail page if the assignment is listed in blue, you can click on the link for more detailed information.
  4. Check the date of the assignment. An assignment handed in late may receive deductions from its score.
  5. Realizing that no system is perfect, if a discrepancy is found please send one email to the attention of the teacher. We are all working together to achieve the highest level of consistency and accuracy possible. Please be patient as the Glenbard School District continues with developing this program to be the best it can be.

Grade Fluctuations

Grades can change dramatically in the first few weeks of each quarter. In the beginning of each quarter you may see big shifts in the class average of your child. This is simply because when there are only one or two assignments in the grade book, a low or high score can make a dramatic change in the overall grade.

Term Grade Links

Clicking on the blue grade number below or the number grade in term column (Q1, Q2, S1, Q3, Q4, S2) will bring up a "Class Score Detail" page for the selected course. This page displays the due date of the assignment, the name of the assignment, the category and the score received for each assignment.

Grading Systems

Each teacher has his or her own grading system. Some teachers work on a straight points system while others weight the scores according to assignment categories (Homework, Quizzes, Tests, etc.). Some teachers give grades for class participation. Some teachers do not accept late work. Our teachers inform all of their students at the beginning of the course what their expectations and grading policy will be. For this reason it is very important for a parent/guardian to read the grading philosophy contained in the class syllabus. If needed, please contact the teacher directly for a copy of his or her grading policy.

Posting of Scores

Please be patient as it does take time to grade and post assignments. Some assignments, such as projects and research papers, take longer to grade. If you have questions about the posting of assignments, please contact the individual teachers about their policies and procedures. Some teachers will post this information within PowerSchool on the Class Score Detail page.

Grading Key

5=Excellent 4=Above Average 3=Average 2=below average 1=Failure/No Credit P=Passing

Online Payments

Assistance is also available via an online video called Student Fees. Click here for the video and choose Student Fees

  1. Online payments are accessed both through PowerSchool & the Summer School Registration website.
    • From PowerSchool, click the Students Fees button from the left hand menu in PowerSchool.
    • From the Summer School Registration website, click on the Click to Pay button. Note: This will not appear until after enrollment.
  2. Details on each student can be found on the tab with the student's name.
  3. Optional Items such as Yearbooks are listed at the bottom of the page.
  4. To make a payment, click the cart icon in the upper-right corner.
  5. [Unavailable for Summer School Regisration] When making a payment, click the Payment Plan button to create a payment plan instead of paying in full. Save a card, select your plan, and click the Create Plan button at the bottom of the page.
  6. To view a history of your payments, click the menu icon in the upper-right corner and choose Receipts.

Partial Payments

Parents can make partial payments of student fees at anytime. These are one time partial payments and cannot be set to reoccur.

IMPORTANT: Making partial payments does not qualify a parent for discounted, early registration or exclude a parent from the monthly statement mailing. To qualify for discounted, early registration or be excluded from the monthly statement mailing, fees must be paid in full by the stated date or the student must be on an official payment plan.

NOTE: When updating the "Student Payment" amount only enter the amount of the mandatory fees being paid; not optional purchases added to your account like a yearbook. If you want to make an optional purchase of a yearbook and not pay any mandatory fees, enter 0.00 in the "Student Payment" field. When you click the "Update Cart" button, the system will update the payment to be equal to the amount that you entered plus any optional purchases that you have selected.

  1. Click on the Cart icon in the upper-right.
  2. Click the blue Partial Payment button under Payment Options
  3. Highlight the numbers in the green text box to the right of Student Payment and type in the desired payment amount.
  4. Click the Update Cart button. This will change the payment amount.
  5. Click the blue Return to Checkout button.
  6. The checkout screen will appear reflecting the payment amount set in the Cart. Provide payment details and click the Submit Payment button to process the payment.

Pay a Plan In Advance

If they would desire, parents are able to pay payment plan installments ahead of time.

To do so follow the steps below:

  1. In the fee system, click on a student's name if not already on their account.
  2. Underneath the yellow comments, click on Future Charges.
  3. The installments will be displayed on this page.
  4. Click on the box under In Cart of the installment you would like to pay.
  5. Click on the cart icon at the top of the screen to provide payment.

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Refund Policy

School fees are non-refundable.

Contact Support

For additional assistance on using the PowerSchool system you may also visit your school's campus and use one of the PowerSchool kiosk workstations.

As a reminder to protect your student’s information and the Glenbard High School District, it is our policy that no user names or passwords are given over the phone or through email. If you need your user name and password to access PowerSchool you must visit your child’s school in person to request them. For security purposes you must bring a driver's license or state ID card with a photo to validate your information.

You may call the school to find out the hours of operation or make arrangements to make an on-site visit for assistance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer live phone support. We do recommend using Mozilla's FireFox to view our pages. If you are using any browsers other than FireFox and experience page loading issues we recommend you try using FireFox before contacting support.

If you are experiencing an issue unrelated to obtaining your student Access ID or Access Password please complete the form below to contact support.